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ACT is Your Theatre

Amelia Community Theatre is nearly 40-year-old and still producing and creating theatre on Amelia Island, but did you know ACT is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization? ACT isn't just a local theatre company creating entertainment and selling tickets. ACT is our theatre.

A volunteer board of directors, elected by ACT Season Members, Sponsors, Donors, and Advertisers (under Florida state law and organizational bylaws), govern the organization. When you buy a Season Membership or donate, you aren't just supporting ACT; you are saying that ACT is yours. Community is so much more than a middle name. It is our mission: "to provide quality theatre and artistic experiences to the community through participation and presentation."

This past year has been financially difficult for arts organizations everywhere, and right now, I am asking for you to say that ACT is your theatre. If you have ever experienced a memorable moment here at the theatre, in the audience, on stage, or backstage, ACT is your theatre.

Tener Wade, ACT Executive Director

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