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Auditions are closed, so usually you'll audition by reading scenes from the show's script for the director and casting team in the auditorium while the other actors wait in the lobby. If you cannot attend the audition on the scheduled date, contact ACT to arrange an alternate date. Some characters may be announced, precast roles.

All volunteer positions onstage and offstage are open to everyone, regardless of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or previous experience. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged.

River Rapids
Auditions for
by Jacklyn Backhaus
Men on Boats

Main Stage

Audition dates are April 26, 27, 28, May 1, and May 2, by appointment.

Contact ACT to reserve a 15-minute audition time slot. Call


or email us!

Directed by  Linda McClane


You may also request sides to read in advance from the theatre.


8 PM on June 11-12, 17-19, 24-26, and 2 PM on June 13, 20 (Father's Day)



Strong Adult Language Throughout


Linda McClane, Director
Needed for CAST:   10 women, ages 17 and up

There is strong adult language throughout the play.

The show does have some physical demands, which will be discussed at auditions.

Rehearsals (days to be decided) will begin during the week of May 3rd.

Call ACT at 904-261-6749 to make an appointment for a 15-minute time slot. You may pick up an audition side or have it emailed to you in advance.


Monday, April 26, 1-3 PM
Tuesday, April 27, 10 AM - 12 Noon
Wednesday, April 28, 5-8 PM
Saturday, May 1, 3-6 PM
Sunday, May 2, 3-6 PM


Men on Boats is a rollicking comedy by Jaclyn Backhaus, with a cast of 10 women who play the roles of male explorers/adventurers in 1869, traveling from Wyoming to the Grand Canyon on the Green and Colorado Rivers. The play is based on the true-life journals from John Wesley Powell's expedition.

Why women playing men? History rarely provided women with the opportunities to be explorers, but our playwright didn't think that should stop female actors from the acting opportunity. The show is funny, but not "camp" or "cute." The female actors dress like men on boats, but they do not change their speaking voice or physical mannerisms.

It is an exhilarating acting experience as our explorers travel over waterfalls and through white water rapids, camp on the river, catch fish, shoot snakes, and ration food, wondering if they will make it to the Grand Canyon alive. There is humor, plus poignant moments.


John Wesley Powell - one-armed leader of the expedition

William Dunn - hunter and trapper

John Sumner - former soldier, current explorer

Old Shady - Powell's older brother, veteran

Bradley - one of the younger explorers

OG Howland - printer and hunter (doubles as Ute chief)

Seneca Howland - OG's quiet younger brother (doubles as the Ute Chief's wife)

Frank Goodman - British, excitable (doubles as a desert settler)

Hall - mapmaker

Hawkins - the cook



The play may be largely rehearsed with masks and/or in a socially distanced fashion. It is expected that the performances will be done without masks. ACT's current precautions include temperature checks for all cast members at every rehearsal, mask requirement until dress rehearsals and performances, MERV-13 rated air filtration, socially distanced audiences, and daily surface sanitization. The show will have an in-house audience (based on current capacity and social distancing guidelines) and will be livestreamed.