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Stage Explorer Ken and Jack Ludwig’s Tiny Tim’s Christmas PRODUCTION Workshop - $230

Ages 13-17

Join us for our Saturday Fall Production Workshop where experienced young performers, aged 13 – 17 will be immersed in the full production experience while preparing for a short performance tour of our special holiday themed show! Performances will be scheduled as part of the Dickens on Centre celebration and on-stage at Story and Song.


Through a production related course, audition, rehearsals and show preparation, students will explore the full process of preparing and performing a traveling show. There will be up to 13 acting roles, up to 6 singing carolers and 1-3 teen production assistants.


Pre-requisites: This is not a show for beginners. Those registering should have at least one full year of actor training and/or production experience or permission from the Director.

Actors — 13

Strong Singers – 6

Teen Production Students — 3


Enrollment Requirements: Min 13 - Max 21


Classes will be held on Saturdays beginning September 16th and may also be held some Sundays.


Current performances scheduled - December 8th Dickens on Centre, December 14th Story & Song


Director / Educator – Lisa Howard-Welch

Vocal Coach — Shea Zaccaro

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