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When you are an ACT Season Member, you’ll benefit from cost savings, advanced seating, and knowing you already have a ticket (but…you’ll still need to redeem and select your seat!), especially when shows sell out! Your season membership will have a unique code you’ll use to redeem your flex-tickets online on our website and by phone or in-person at the Box Office. You’ll have the option to select seats and confirm your tickets for the upcoming shows whether you are attending in-person or streaming from home!


Season Membership Levels:









What is a Flex Ticket?

It is a Season Ticket but, you may use any ticket for any ACT Season 40 show! There are six Main Stage shows planned for Season 40. Use the tickets individually or bring the whole family to one show. Miss a show? Use the extra ticket for the next one. Love a show and want to see it again? Use another ticket!

Can I use my Flex Ticket for Streaming?

Absolutely! Multiple Flex Tickets might be required depending on your household size. For example, if you have between 2 and 4 people in your house then two flex tickets will be used when you stream a show.

Can I use some of my Flex Tickets next season?

Unfortunately, flex tickets may only be used within the current season. ACT's season 40 begins September 1, 2020 and closes on August 31, 2021; which means you have plenty of time to use your tickets.

Is there any fine print for Season Memberships?

Of course! All memberships and tickets are non-refundable and subject to changes, governmental regulation, restrictions, and other uncertainties. All shows and productions may be subject to change, rescheduling, and cancellations. Memberships and flex tickets may be used only for Amelia Community Theatre (ACT) produced shows. Attending live events may present dangers. Personal health is the sole responsibility of each individual attendee. ACT urges anyone attending a live event to be aware of any relevant concerns and regulations which might pertain to each person's health and well-being.


Do I get extra tickets from the 39th season? 

If you opted to receive extra tickets this season, from canceled shows in the 39th season, you would need to call the box office directly to purchase your season membership. You can call the ACT box office at 904 261-6749.

Am I guaranteed an

in-person seat?

You must reserve your seat either online or through the box office even as a season member. We do have limited seating this year and encourage all our season members to book their seats as soon as they are able.

Is in-person seating socially distanced?

Absolutely! In-person seating between parties will always adhere to current laws and recommendations for public health and safety. ACT follows all local, state, and federal regulations for masks, cleaning, and social distancing.