Main stage

Lobby Art Shows

Main Stage shows have an art show in the lobby which features local artists for the three-week run of performances. 



how to submit artwork

Details for Submissions:

Submit digital (jpg files) images of up to three pieces of work. Do not submit work that has been previously shown at ACT. Please submit images that are no larger than 1 MB. Name the image files with enough of your name and the title for us to identify them. Attach the images and submit them via email to Annie Hall, and Elizabeth Dion, Please include in the same email the title, size, medium, and price of the submitted artwork.

Your art will be handled with due care and attention. By submitting your work you acknowledge that Amelia Community Theatre is not responsible or liable for damage, loss or theft of artwork.

Artists will be notified a few days following the submittal deadline. (If you do not get a notice, please contact us to assure your submittal was received.

Artwork Requirements:

The artwork must be original.
All work must be ready to hang by wire unless prior arrangement has been made for other acceptable display.
All work must be for sale.

Art Sales:

All sales are handled by the artist. In the event of a sale, ACT requests a minimum 10% donation of the selling price.



Themes are intended to spark ideas and give some unity to the show. No direct relationship to the currently running play is required or expected. How the theme is interpreted is up to you (and does not have to be included in the title).

Examples of themes from the last season are below.

The Human Form

January 31 to February 15, 2020

(Runs during The Humans)

Submission deadline: Friday, January 17

Art drop off: January 22,23,24

(Wed. to Fri.) from 11am – 1pm



March 27 to April 11, 2020

(Runs during The Book of Will)

Submission deadline: Friday, March 13

Art drop off: March 18,19,20

(Wed. to Fri.) from 11am – 1pm


Racing the Clock

June 5 to 20, 2020

(Runs during Radium Girls)

Submission deadline: Friday, May 22

Art drop off: May 27,28,29

(Wed. to Fri.) from 11am – 1pm


Girl Power

August 6 to 23, 2020

(Runs during Matilda The Musical)

Submission deadline: Friday, July 23

Art drop off: July 29,30,31

(Wed. to Fri.) from 11am – 1pm