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Upcoming Season 40 Shows!

Shows will be Introduced as the Season Unfolds

We look forward to presenting six outstanding shows this season. However, as we continue to consider current regulations, we’re making adjustments to the season’s six-show schedule to keep our patrons, volunteers, and staff as safe as possible. Season 40’s first three plays are listed here. And, as soon as the other three plays are confirmed, they will be announced! 

2 Across by Jerry Mayer October 2-17, 2020 Two strangers in San Francisco learn something new when they find themselves across from each other on the train at 4:30 AM. The unexpected encounter leads to a romantic surprise between the crossword puzzle and the train’s last stop.

Erma Bombeck: At Wit's End by Margaret Engel and Allison Engel December 4-19, 2020 A dramatic comedy about the American newspaper columnist and humorist. This one-woman show brings to life this renowned author. Erma's truthful and honest humor tells the story of women's lives through the '60s into modern-day.

Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped upon the Ocean Floor by Finegan Kruckemeyer February 12-27, 2021 A love story that flows from a Cold War Russian submarine to a Parisian watch shop, an Appalachian snowfield and an uncomfortable first date. Is there time for love within these fleeting moments and chance encounters?

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