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Now Accepting Nominations for the Board of Directors


Amelia Community Theatre is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. Being a board member at ACT means being part of a diverse team to ensure a robust and healthy future for ACT. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), "community" is more than a middle name at ACT. ACT relies on community members volunteering their expertise and time as Board Members to guide the organization toward a secure and sustainable future. Board Members provide ethical, legal, and fiscal governance of ACT. The ACT Board of Directors is a group of at least twelve individual board members. Together the board of directors ensures that ACT has the resources it needs to advance its mission: "to provide quality theatre and artistic experiences to the community through participation and presentation." Having a diverse board of directors is an essential part of making ACT the best it can be. It takes a variety of backgrounds, skills, and abilities to help further ACT's mission. If you want to see ACT continue to succeed in providing great theatre to our community, then you should apply/self-nominate to be a board member.

HOW LONG DO BOARD MEMBERS SERVE? The term runs from the July 2021 Annual Meeting until the July 2023 Annual Meeting. Each director will serve a two-year term and may be re-elected for a second two-year term. No director may be elected for more than two consecutive two-year terms.

WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA TO BE CONSIDERED? Criteria for being considered for the ACT Board of Directors:

  • Must be knowledgeable about ACT's programs and services or demonstrate a robust interest in ACT.

  • Must have sufficient time to attend meetings and carry out assigned duties.

  • Have skills/knowledge/experience in any needed positions.

  • Be an active advocate for the theatre.

  • Be able to work effectively with others.

  • Meet any additional requirements outlined in the ACT by-laws and policies or as determined by the committee.

  • Upon election, must become a current member of ACT by being a season ticket holder, membership-level donor, sponsor, or program advertiser.

We are always looking for candidates who love theatre and want to be a part of its future. When submitting your application, be sure to mention any particular skill or experience you have that might be an asset to the board.

HOW TO APPLY/SELF NOMINATE? Anyone desiring to be a candidate for the ACT Board of Directors should provide the following information to the Nominating Committee no later than May 15, 2021, to be considered. The committee will be conducting interviews during the months of May and June. Name: Phone number: Email address: Summary of qualifications/experience: The above should be sent to the Nominating Committee via: Email to: or Mail to: ACT Nominating Committee 209 Cedar Street Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 The nominating committee will present their proposed slate of nominees to the ACT Board of Directors for consideration and approval at the May or June board meeting. The approved slate of nominees will be announced to members in June and voted on by the ACT membership at the July annual meeting. If you have any questions, please email or call (904) 261-6749 and leave a message. We look forward to hearing from you. ACT Nominating Committee Peggy Strickland, President, ACT Board of Directors Jayne Jeney, President-Elect, ACT Board of Directors

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