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The Hallelujah Girls by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten

Directed by Jennifer Webber

Saturday, December 4, at 3 PM: Open Auditions

Can't come to the open auditions? Just ask for another time! Email to audition at another time.


The Hallelujah Girls is a comedy ensemble piece with most parts being equal. The male parts are smaller, supporting roles. The age range for the cast is 50s to 60s.


The Hallelujah Girls takes place in Eden Falls, GA over a year. Six feisty gal pals, under the leadership of Sugar Lee Thompkins, gather every Friday in her recently renovated church, now a spa. The recent death of a dear friend makes them realize time is rushing past, and if they are going to change their lives and achieve their dreams, they better get on it!

Carlene, three times a widow, has given up on romance. Her sister Crystal, sweet and simple, has an outrageous costume or an original Christmas carol to celebrate every holiday. Nita has her hands full, keeping her delinquent son on track with his probation officer. Mavis thinks she may fake her death to get out of her marriage that’s already DOA.

Things start to get very complicated when Sugar Lee’s arch-rival, Bunny Sutherland, turns up and tries to steal the spa out from under her. Comic tension rises when Sugar Lee’s sexy ex-boyfriend, Bobby Dwayne, appears when a handyman is needed, and a marriage proposal comes from an unlikely suitor. The women band together in joyful chaos and shout “Hallelujah” as they make their dreams a reality.


Sugar Lee Thompkins - F - 50s to 60s - is the “leader of the pack.” She is an optimist, vivacious, determined, and motivated but can hold a grudge. Her actions and decisions are what drive the action forward.

Carlene Travis - F - 50s to 60s - is a pragmatic, no-nonsense type. Widowed three times and afraid of change. She accepts that romance is not in her future even when it stares her right in the face.

Crystal Hart - F - 50s to 60s - is daffy and lovable. She is the opposite of her older sister Carlene. An eternal optimist who turns up repeatedly in ridiculous costumes with original songs to the amusement of the other girls. Ideally, this actor should sing and play simple, familiar Christmas carols on the piano.

Nita Mooney - F - 50s to 60s - is a sweet, simple soul. She is a natural-born peacemaker. A skill she needs as she has to deal with the trials and tribulations of a delinquent son. Her love of romance novels brightens her days.

Mavis Flowers - F - 50s to 60s - is a little older and wiser than the rest. She is brusque but likable. Trapped in a bad marriage, she has a cynical outlook when it comes to life in general.

Bunny Sutherland - F - 50s to 60s - is an arch-rival of Sugar Lee’s. She is passive-aggressive and manipulative, with an over-inflated opinion of herself. She is determined to ruin all the best-laid plans, both personal and professional, of Sugar Lee.

Bobby Dwayne - M - 50s to 60s - is charming, with rugged good looks and self-deprecating good humor. A former fiancé of Sugar Lee’s. He still carries the torch for her. Their troubled history brings lots of tension to the story.

Porter Padgett - M - 50s to 60s - a smaller supporting role that unpredictability brings romance with it. Porter is a good-hearted blowhard that loves his own jokes. He works at the post office and is described as a bit of a mama’s guy.


7:30 pm: February 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 2022 2 pm: February 13, 20, 2022

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