You loved last season’s Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley! This year’s festivities are hosted at the Darcy estate, where you’ll be taken downstairs into the servants’ quarters, where holiday preparations are underway. A housekeeper, maid, and footman see their work interrupted by a stream of guests from upstairs, including an unexpected late-night visit from George Wickham. Family secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested, ultimately proving that forgiveness is the true spirit of Christmas. (PG: Appropriate for Most Audiences)

Character Descriptions


MRS. REYNOLDS—Late 50s, early 60s, the housekeeper at Pemberley, knows all and sees all, has been on staff since Darcy was a child, a mother figure to the household.


BRIAN—19 to 25 playing age.  A footman, in love with technology and inventions of the period, sincere and earnest, perhaps a bit arrogant.  


CASSIE—19 to 25 playing age.  The new housemaid, a village girl, an orphan who came from less than nothing. The opportunity to work at Pemberley means security she has never had, and she takes this job very seriously. She is sometimes maybe too eager and a bit headstrong.


MR. FITZWILLIAM DARCY—Late 20’s to 30’s playing age.  Head of the household and owner of his family home, Pemberley. Married to Lizzie, whom he adores.  


MRS. ELIZABETH DARCY—Age 22 playing age.  Mistress of Pemberley. Loves Darcy immensely and the two have a perfect understanding and respect between them.  


GEORGE WICKHAM—Late 20’s to 30’s playing age.  Grew up at Pemberley, son of the former steward, once a soldier, has been in and out of trouble (of his own making) his whole life. He is a rogue.  


LYDIA WICKHAM— Age 17.  A bright, warm, and charming personality, if sometimes a bit much, eloped with Wickham at 15 and is now somewhat trapped in this marriage.  Spoiled.