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Now In Our 36th Season

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Doctor Dolittle
Dramatized by Olga Fricker. Based on the book by Hugh Lofting
Presented by ACTeen Troupe
Studio 209
May 19, 20, 21

John Dolittle, MD, is a respected physician and quiet bachelor living with his spinster sister in the small English village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. His love of animals grows over the years and his household menagerie eventually scares off his human clientele, leading to loss of wealth. But after learning the secret of speaking to all animals from his parrot Polynesia, he takes up veterinary practice.

His fortunes rise and fall again after a crocodile takes up residence, leading to his sister leaving in disgust with the intention of getting married, but his fame in the animal kingdom spreads throughout the world. He is conscripted into voyaging to Africa to cure a monkey epidemic just as he faces bankruptcy. He has to borrow supplies and a ship, and sails with a crew of his favourite animals, but is shipwrecked upon arriving to Africa.

He makes it to the monkey kingdom where things are dire indeed as a result of the raging epidemic. He vaccinates the well monkeys and nurses the sick back to health. In appreciation, the monkeys find a pushmi-pullyu, a shy two-headed gazelle-unicorn cross, whose rarity may bring Dr. Dolittle money back home.  Dolittle finally makes it home and tours with the pushmi-pullyu in a circus until he makes enough money to retire to his beloved home in Puddleby.

May 19 at 7:30 pm
May 20 & 21 – 2:30 pm

Come one hour prior to the show for the fabulous Talk With the Animals Party in our Main Stage Lobby.
The Nassau County Humane Society will be there plus lots of other fun treats and surprises and fun drawings.

Get your tickets before they sell out. All tickets are $15.00.