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Now In Our 36th Season


The Explorers Club
Performance dates - 8:00 pm June 8,9,10,15,16,17,22,23,24 /2:00 pm June 18

Directed by Frank O’Donnell email: frankodonnell2@yahoo.com
Auditions Saturday, March 4 - 3:00 pm  Main Stage


Cast Needs:  8 men, 1 woman (All will use British accents; accent help can be provided as necessary.) Those auditioning will read from the script.  A short monologue is optional.

 Brief Synopsis of Plot

 The setting is an exclusive club of scientists in Victorian London — an era when intrepid adventurers explored the globe, a pre-Brexit Brittania ruled the waves — and Gilbert & Sullivan ruled the stage. But the prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible!  The female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire. And how do you make such a decision without a decent drink?  Put down your brandy and cigars and strap yourself in for this madcap farce as our characters dodge deadly cobras, irate Irishmen — and, egad, a chap with blue skin!

Character descriptions:

 LUCIUS FRETWAY: (male, 25-50) a botanist and a man of science.  Intelligent and sensible, but naive in the ways of romance.

 PHYLLIDA SPOTTE-HUME: (female, 25-40) an anthropologist, smart, feminine, and adventurous, trying to be accepted in a man’s world.  The actress will also play COUNTESS GLAMORGAN, twin sister to Phyllida and an entitled aristocrat.

 HARRY PERCY: (male, 25-50) an intrepid explorer, bold and arrogant. The pinnacle of Victorian manhood. And he knows his Gilbert & Sullivan!

 LUIGI: (male, age open) a NaKong tribesman. Smart, and observant.  Must be able to do physical comedy. Will be shirtless, body painted blue, and sporting a mohawk.

 PROFESSOR COPE: (male, 30-65)  a perfect Victorian gentleman, well-mannered and enthusiastic. Loves his pet cobra, Rosie. Best friends with Professor Walling.

 PROFESSOR WALLING: (male, 30-65) a zoologist, amiable and gentlemanly. Best friends with Professor Cope. Loves his caged guinea pig.

 PROFESSOR SLOANE: (male, 55+) an archeo-theologist (!)  Irritable and haughty, he does not like change!  But he has made a discovery of Biblical proportions…

 SIR BERNARD HUMPHRIES: (male, 40+) private secretary to Queen Victoria, polished, distinguished and refined —  the man you send to sort out the unpleasantness.

 BEEBE: (male, 35+) an explorer transformed into a warrior monk seeking vengeance.  The actor also likely will play the IRISH ASSASSIN, who dies a quick, but memorable death. A degree of athletic ability would be a plus.

Rehearsal Plans

Depending on space and actor availability, we will likely rehearse several times a week for the first month: possibly two evenings and a weekend afternoon. All actors would not be needed for all rehearsals. Rehearsals should become more frequent as we near the production.

 Crew needs

 Backstage participants are as crucial as the actors!!  A successful production will depend on skillful set design, construction and dressing, costumes, props, makeup, music and lights!!  This has the potential to be a visual spectacular.


AVENUE Q: the musical - RATED R
Music & Lyrics by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx Book by Jeff Whitty

Directed & Choreographed by Lee Hamby 

Performance dates - 8:00 p.m. August 10,11,12,17,18,19,24,25,26 / 2:00 p.m.August 20

For questions please contact director Lee Hamby at LHamby1000@gmail.com
Auditions Sunday June 4, 2017 2:00pm
Amelia Community Theatre is a volunteer based, not for profit 501c3 corporation registered with the State of Florida. 
Auditions and participation are open to all.