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The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays
by Ken Ludwig

Performances in Main Stage:
November 29-30, December 1, 6-8, 13-15 at 8 PM
December 9 at 2 PM

Audition date: October 1, 6:00 pm in the Main Stage 

Directed by Linda McClane
For information or to check out a script please e-mail lmcclane@aol.com or call the box office at 904-261-6749. 

Set in December, 1936 in the Connecticut home of the real life  actor William Gillette, famous for playing Sherlock Holmes.
(ACT presented Ken Ludwig’s Postmortem, which also featured Gillette, back in 2010.)

Needed for cast:  3 men, 5 women


William Gillette – age 40-60
An actor who has portrayed Sherlock Holmes so often, he thinks of himself as a master sleuth.

Martha Gillette – age appropriate to play William’s mother.
She’s a former actor herself and lives with her son in his mansion.

Felix Geisel – age 40-65
An actor who portrays Moriarty to Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes.  Married to Madge.

Madge Geisel –  age 40-60
An actor, married to Felix. They are both dramatic and fun loving.

Simon Bright – age 25-35
An actor, part of Gillette’s Broadway cast. Secretly married to Aggie.

Aggie Wheeler – age 25-35
The ingenue in the cast, married to Simon, but in love with Gillette.  Secret in her past with a deceased first husband.

Inspector Goring – age 40-65 female, British, eccentric
She’s sent to investigate a possible murder. Appears in Act 2.

Daria Chase – age 40-65
Glamorous, former actor, now a columnist and theatre critic.  The “mystery” guest.

Plot:  It’s Christmas Eve at the mansion of actor William Gillette. One attempt has already been made on his life, on the Broadway stage. Now at his home, there is more foul play, and all his house-guests become suspects. Gillette and the police inspector match wits to solve the crime and restore good cheer. Rated PG-13.



The Roommate (Rated R)
Written by Jen Silverman

Performances in Studio 209:
January 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 at 8 PM
January 13 at 2 PM

Audition Date - TBD

Directed by Shelli Long
For information or to check out a script please e-mail info@ameliacommunitytheatre.org or call the box office at 904-261-6749

The Roommate explores 2 women of similar age but very different life experiences.  It delves into each characters backgrounds slowly as they strive to live together in an unusual living situation.  Robyn has moved in with Sharon as she is undergoing a transition in her life and has decided a country house in Iowa City, Iowa is just the thing.  Sharon is a recent empty nester struggling to live with her new silence and lack of purpose with both husband and son gone, one to divorce the other to career in NYC.  As the play progresses, the two women share their lives as well as their dreams over coffee and other shareables.  Slowly, they begin to trust each other and while one finds a new purpose, albeit an illegal one, the other finds a conscience.  Both funny and touching, I’m looking forward to moving in with these Roomates.

Needed for Cast: 2 women


Sharon is a shy Iowan whose kitchen is filled with mason jars and decorated tiles, and who never locks her doors. She is suffering from not only a empty nest but an empty life. Sharon’s squeaky-clean provincial attitudes aren’t doing her any favors either. In an uncharacteristically adventurous gambit she’s taken in a lodger, sight unseen.

Robyn is a confident vegan  from the Bronx with no affinity for Midwestern nice.  The complete opposite of Sharon.  A gay, vegan slam poet who evasively claims she’s moved to Iowa just because she “likes to grow things” — and has brought along the funny-looking plants to prove it.

The author welcomes diverse casting being careful to avoid stereotypes, however.  This is a wonderful vehicle for two strong women, 40-mid 50’s age range.  To quote the publisher: “A dark comedy about what it takes to re-route your life – and what happens when the wheels come off.”



Jeeves in Bloom
A Comedy Adapted by Margaret Raether
From the Stories of P.G. Wodehouse

Performances on the Main Stage:
January 31 – 8:00 PM
February 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 – 8:00 PM
February 10 – 2:00 Pm

Audition Date: Saturday, December 8 from 1:00-3:00 pm
If you cannot audition on the 8th, you can contact the director to arrange an alternate time. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. 
Reading the script ahead of time is strongly recommended. 

Directed by Peggy Strickland - For further information email peggydawg53@gmail.com

This British comedy shatters the peaceful quiet of the English countryside with the arrival of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves, his clever valet. What starts off as a plan to help tongue-tied, newt-loving Augustus Fink-Nottle woo the fanciful, poetry-loving Madeline Basset quickly goes amiss. Soon Bertie finds himself the focus of Madeline’s amorous attention, the reluctant accessory to an attempted burglary, and the target of a homicidal French chef. Will Jeeves be able to rescue Bertie and restore all to order?

Needed for Cast: 4 men, 2 women


Bertram “Bertie” Wilberforce Wooster:    (mid 20’s – 30’s) our hapless hero endowed with a handsome fortune and a limited brain.

Jeeves:  (mature adult) Bertie’s valet and, in Bertie’s words, “one of the wonders of the world”

Dahlia Travers: (mid 50’s – 60’s) Bertie’s aunt, who is rather fond of Bertie despite berating him, who considers herself a woman of sophistication

Thomas Portarlington Travers: (mid 50’s – 60’s) Dahlia’s husband who is apoplectic on the subject of taxes but is kept in tranquil spirits by his chef’s superb meals.

Agustus “Gussie” Fink-Nottle: (mid 20’s – 30’s) a teetotaler bachelor pal of Bertie’s who is more comfortable with his pet newt than the young lady who’s heart he wants to win.

Madeline Basset: (mid 20’s – 30’s) Thomas Travers’s niece, a romantic who fancies herself a poet.

Anatole: (adult) temperamental French chef who yearns for fame in the culinary world.

The ages of the characters are somewhat flexible.

There will be limited rehearsals (once or twice a week) in December increasing to 3x-4x week in January.  The final rehearsal schedule will be determined after casting.


Amelia Community Theatre is a volunteer based, not for profit 501c3 corporation registered with the State of Florida. Auditions and participation are open to all.